La Crosse Attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner

Local and Experienced Representation You Can Trust

When facing a legal problem, your first inclination may be to ignore it and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, legal problems are like medical problems. They often get more difficult and expensive to deal with if you do not act promptly. Failing to address your legal problems can adversely affect your situation and result in losing important legal rights. Your best strategy for dealing with any legal problem is to contact a qualified, local La Crosse lawyer for advice promptly, before things get out of hand. With the help of your La Crosse attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner, you can rest assured you will be in the best position to handle your legal matter. Trust the attorneys with over 90 years of combined experience in dealing with a wide variety of complex legal matters. Contact La Crosse attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner today for a personal evaluation of your legal matter and for the experienced advice you need and deserve.

Legal Practice Areas

Our La Crosse attorneys are qualified to provide you with knowledgeable legal assistance in many different areas of the law. If you have a legal problem, La Crosse attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner can help. Your La Crosse lawyers have years of experience in the following legal practice areas:

Personal Service and Skilled Representation

La Crosse attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner pride themselves on offering you the personalized local service to which you are entitled. You will meet directly with your attorney, not with a paralegal or a staff member who is unfamiliar with your legal situation. Do not settle for an attorney who you never see in person or who you can never reach by telephone. Your La Crosse lawyers are here to provide you with personal guidance and counsel through every step of your legal proceedings. Do not delay in contacting your La Crosse attorneys today for a consultation regarding your legal matter, and put your trust in their legal skills and experience.

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