Establishing a Corporate Entity?

Let Our La Crosse Business Attorneys Help

Photo of a business discussionIf you are starting a business, you are setting off on a challenging road where every decision you make can have an impact on your bottom line. However, you may be unsure of where to begin. If you choose the wrong legal entity for your business, you could be at a significant disadvantage before you even start, which is why enlisting the help of an experienced La Crosse business attorney is a crucial step. From choosing the business entity to filing your incorporation papers, La Crosse business lawyer Mike Moen at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. can help you find a legal entity that fits your needs.

Types of Corporate Entities

We have experience setting up a number of different types of companies including:

  • Corporations: A corporation is an entity managed by a board of directors elected by shareholders. Wisconsin law allows you to form different sorts of corporations, including S Corporations and close corporations.
  • Partnerships: A partnership is an association of two or more persons that run a business as co-owners. While generally created with a formal agreement, you may create a partnership by an oral agreement or implied by the conduct and acts of the parties.
  • Limited Liability Companies: A limited liability company has members who either directly manage the company or vest management in one or more managers. It combines features of both a partnership and a corporation. There are different kinds of limited liability companies in Wisconsin, including professional limited liability companies.

Each of these legal entities has different advantages and disadvantages. The La Crosse business attorneys of Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. will discuss your goals and determine what business entity will be the right fit for you. Skilled attorney Mike Moen will analyze your tax situation, the assets of your business, the members that will comprise the entity and your plans to grow the company. Once we determine what business entity best fits your plan, we will file all the necessary paperwork to get your business started.

Our La Crosse Business Attorneys Can Help

Many people may think they can get a business started simply by filing the proper documents themselves. Unfortunately, in doing that they miss a wealth of business planning experience you can only find through an experienced business attorney. When you hire Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C., you get counsel and business planning advice that will help you start out on the right foot. We will help you with all your business planning needs, from negotiating contracts to winding up a company. Contact La Crosse business attorney Mike Moen at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. for a comprehensive evaluation of your business planning needs today.

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