Owed Money?

Let Your La Crosse Attorney Collect Your Debts

GavelWhether you are a landlord, a small business owner or an individual, you undoubtedly will find yourself in a position in which someone owes you or your business money. Collections can be difficult to pursue on your own, especially when the debtor is resistant to paying his or her debt, and unpaid debts can be devastating to the success of a business. Using the services of a qualified La Crosse attorney to handle your collections cases will be the most effective means of collecting the debts your customers and clients owe you. Attorneys can use tactics such as debt collection letters, wage garnishments, litigation and repossession of assets to collect your debts successfully. La Crosse lawyers Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner have been handling collections cases on behalf of creditors for the past thirty years. Let an experienced attorney take the pressure and responsibility of debt collection off your shoulders by turning your debts over to your La Crosse attorneys today.

Avoid the Limitations of a Collection Agency

While many business owners turn to collection agencies for their debt collection needs, collection agencies have obvious limitations as to their effectiveness. Once informal debt collection techniques fail, even collection agencies have to use attorneys for formal debt collection methods. Only licensed attorneys can handle the litigation often necessary to collect a debt successfully. Furthermore, when you involve an attorney, you send a message to the debtor you are serious about collecting your debt, which may make the debtor more likely to pay up or settle. By allowing your La Crosse attorneys to handle your collection case from the beginning, you will maximize your chances of recovering your debt at the lowest cost to you.

Contact Your La Crosse attorneys Today

Unpaid debts can cost business owners thousands of dollars per year, which can contribute to difficulties in maintaining a successful business, especially in today’s economy. Do not permit your unpaid debts to hurt your business by allowing them to remain unpaid. Likewise, do not waste valuable time and money turning your unpaid debts over to collection agencies that are likely to be ineffective. Rather, turn to the La Crosse attorneys who stand ready to collect on your unpaid debts. Let the experienced attorneys at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. handle all of your debt collection needs, and ensure your customers and clients repay the debts they owe you. Contact your local debt collection attorneys Mike Moen, Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner today for assistance.

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