Accused of a Crime?

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CriminalIf police accuse you of committing a crime, you will find yourself in a highly stressful, complex situation. Do not make your circumstances worse by attempting to handle the police on your own. Instead, immediately contact a La Crosse attorney for advice. By placing your trust in an experienced criminal defense lawyer, you can ensure you will achieve the best outcome possible for your case. Contact your La Crosse attorney Jim Kroner today and get the defense you need in this difficult situation.

Do Not Incriminate Yourself

While your inclination may be to cooperate with police in order to prove your innocence, this strategy can easily backfire. You may inadvertently implicate yourself or mistakenly admit guilt under pressure. Do not risk making your situation worse by talking to police. If you end up on the wrong side of a police officer, you should read the following statement, or allow the officer to read it, instead of possibly incriminating yourself:

Officer, Please Understand –

I refuse to talk with you until I consult my attorney Jim Kroner. I want to call him now. I also refuse to consent to the search of these premises or any other premises under my control, or in which I have an interest, or my car, or my body or my effects. I desire to exercise all my rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the statutes and Constitution of the State of Wisconsin to be free from any of your interference with my person or affairs. I want to be left alone.

If you ignore my exercise of these rights and attempt to procure a waiver, I want to confer with my lawyer prior to any conversations with you. I want to leave. If I am free to leave, please tell me immediately so I can go about my business.

If you attempt to question me, I want my lawyer present. I refuse to participate in any lineup without first conferring with my lawyer.

If you follow this advice, you will invoke your constitutional rights appropriately and avoid further incrimination. This strategy may reduce the state’s ability to prosecute you for a crime and will allow your criminal defense attorney to handle your case properly from the outset. Contact Jim Kroner immediately.

Misdemeanor Crimes

Wisconsin law classifies some crimes as misdemeanors, which means they typically are less serious and carry a lesser punishment than felonies. However, the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction can still be quite severe and have a permanent negative impact on your life. Common types of misdemeanor crimes include:

  • Disorderly Conduct – Authorities can charge a person for disorderly conduct if he or she provokes or causes a disturbance or acts in a way that could cause such a disturbance. A person who commits acts constituting disorderly conduct within an intimate relationship, can face domestic disorderly conduct charges.
  • Battery – A person commits battery when he or she uses forces against another person with the intent to cause bodily injury and without permission.
  • Resisting or Obstructing an Officer – If you resist or obstruct a police officer while he or she is carrying out his or her law enforcement duties, you could face this charge.
  • Theft – When a person takes the property of another person with the intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently without the owner’s consent, authorities can charge the person with theft.
  • Criminal Damage to Property – This crime involves the intentional destruction or damaging of property of another without consent..
  • Bail Jumping – Intentionally failing to appear for a hearing in a Wisconsin criminal court or intentionally violating a condition of your bond constitutes bail jumping.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance or Paraphernalia – Authorities can charge you with this crime if you knowingly possess an illegal drug or paraphernalia related thereto.
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon –In Wisconsin, authorities can charge you with carrying a concealed weapon if you carry a concealed and dangerous weapon.
  • Traffic Offenses – Offenses such as Operating While Under the Influence and Operating After Revocation can usually constitute misdemeanor crimes.

Felony Crimes

Felony crimes are those crimes under Wisconsin law that involve serious criminal behavior and carry much stiffer penalties than misdemeanor crimes possibly including a prison sentence. Examples of felony crimes include:

  • Homicide – Homicide is death by criminal means, which may be intentional, reckless, or negligent.
  • Burglary – A burglary occurs when you break into and enter a structure with the intent of stealing or committing a felony therein.
  • Robbery – A person commits a robbery when he or she commits a theft by using force against the person of another.
  • Forgery – If you falsely make or alter an object or writing so that it appears that someone else made it, with the intent to defraud, you commit forgery.
  • Drug Crimes –Wisconsin law and federal law list many drug crimes.  The penalty for drug crimes depends on the amount and nature of the drug possessed and whether the crime involves sale or distribution or intent to sell or distribute the drug to others.
  • Sexual Assault – A person commits sexual assault whenever he or she has any sexual contact or intercourse with another without the other’s consent.
  • False Imprisonment – This crime occurs when a person intentionally confines or restricts another person without consent or authority to do so.
  • Kidnapping – A person commits the crime of kidnapping when he takes another person away by force or the threat of imminent force without that person’s consent, with intent to to cause that person to be secretly confined or imprisoned against his or her will.
  • Stalking – The crime of stalking is committed when a person intentionally engages in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person, and which causes the specific person, to experience serious emotional distress or fear bodily injury or death and the actor knows or should know that at least one of his or her acts would cause that result.
  • Recklessly Endangering Safety – You can face these charges if you act in a manner in which you are reckless as to the safety of another person in a manner likely to cause injury or death.
  • Arson – Arson is the intentional damage to another person’s property using fire or explosives, without permission.

Expungement of Crimes

In some cases, you may be eligible to have certain offenses expunged, or legally removed, from the court files.  Your La Crosse attorney Jim Kroner can assist you in determining whether your criminal conviction may be subject to expungement.

Let an Experienced Attorney Defend You

A criminal conviction, particularly for a serious crime, can have lifelong consequences for you, your family, your career and your reputation. Even when police wrongly accuse you of a crime, publicity surrounding the incident can irrevocably harm your status in society.  When law enforcement authorities have accused you, or even only questioned you about a crime, do not hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Do not settle for an inexperienced attorney or a lawyer who does not regularly practice criminal defense law. Instead, choose Jim Kroner, a member of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers – a La Crosse lawyer who has spent over 30 years defending clients against criminal charges. With the assistance of your skilled criminal defense attorney, you may be able to avoid a damaging criminal conviction and maybe even avoid criminal charges altogether. Safeguard your freedom, your job, your family and your life by letting your experienced attorney guide you through the criminal process. Contact Jim Kroner today, and minimize your chances of a criminal conviction.

Call Jim Kroner, your experienced criminal defense attorney at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. in La Crosse to represent you. Jim Kroner has more than 30 years of experience representing people accused of the crimes described here and others too numerous to mention. Here are some recent examples. Call now.

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