Consult Your La Crosse Elder Law Attorney Today and Make Decisions About Your Future Now

ElderOver the last 10 to 15 years, as the American population has aged, interest in elder law issues has increased dramatically. Legal topics such as Medicaid eligibility, estate planning for senior citizens, long-term care planning and guardianship issues all may come into play as you or your family members age. By taking steps to plan for the contingencies that may occur with age, you will save yourself time and money and be prepared for emergency legal situations as they arise without having to deal with them in the stress of the moment. Additionally, you will be able to make decisions for yourself while you are still able to do so, rather than leaving these highly important decisions up to family members who may be unable to reach an acceptable resolution. La Crosse lawyer Mike Moen, at the law firm of Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. has the elder law experience you need to effectively plan for whatever may occur in your life.

Planning for Your Income and Assets

As people age, the potential for partial or total disability increases exponentially. Along with disability comes an inability to work, which raises concerns about financial security and support.  You also will need information about the advantages and disadvantages of long-term care insurance and the best means of safeguarding and maximizing your current assets for the future. Do not delay in addressing these important issues, so that you can rest easy if disability should strike your family.

Planning for Your Incapacity

While it is not always pleasant to imagine yourself incapacitated, taking a few simple steps now can save you from difficult, costly decisions down the road. Planning for potential incapacity by using guardianship, power of attorney or a living will can allow you to plan for and express your preferences to your family if you lose your capacity. By discussing all your options with an attorney now, you can make these complex decisions for yourself after careful thought, rather than acting under duress during an emergency medical situation. Additionally, planning for incapacity before it even occurs allows you to prevent potential problems before they occur, rather than paying an attorney to handle an even bigger and more complicated problem after the fact.

Contact Your La Crosse Attorney for Legal Help

Elder law involves complicated disability, incapacity and estate planning issues that can be quite overwhelming for a person who is unfamiliar with them. Allowing your attorney to guide you through the process will give you the power to decide your future and make decisions that truly are in your best interest. Educate yourself about your existing options in the area of elder law and decide which of those options is best for you and your situation. Contact Mike Moen at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C today for assistance with all of your elder law needs.

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