La Crosse Employment Lawyers

Upholding Employee and Employer Rights

New Hire PaperworkConstant changes in federal, state and local employment laws all can affect the rights of employees and employers in the workplace. As a result, if you are facing a dispute related to employment law, you need the help of an experienced employment law attorney who can represent your interests every step of the way. Whether you are a business owner seeking to comply with employment discrimination laws or a terminated employee with an unemployment insurance claim, you should start by consulting the La Crosse law firm that can provide you with the counsel and advice that you need and deserve. Our La Crosse lawyer Mike Ehrsam has over thirty years of experience in meeting the legal needs of employees and employers alike. Contact your La Crosse attorney at Moen Ehrsam & Kroner, S.C. today for assistance with your employment law case.

Topics in Employment Law

Employment law is a practice area that includes many different types of legal actions and disputes. Both employees and employers may need legal assistance with employment law issues such as unemployment insurance claims, employment contracts, workers’ compensation claims, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination family or medical leave, discrimination or wage disputes. These types of cases can be complex, lengthy and costly. By enlisting the help of an employment law attorney from its very beginning, you may be able to minimize the costs and reduce the seriousness of your legal situation. You need the assistance of an experienced employment law attorney who will provide you the negotiation and litigation skills needed to resolve your employment law issue. Your La Crosse lawyer will be there to provide you with the best legal advice and representation for your case.

Preventing Employment Law Problems

While some employment disputes arise unexpectedly, an employer can anticipate and take steps to prevent other types of employment law problems. By following the advice of an employment law attorney, for instance, a business owner can avoid common employment law problems such as wage and hour disputes, employment discrimination and wrongful discharge. Seeking the advice of a skilled, local employment attorney before dealing with a particular employment situation can prevent a legal dispute. Your La Crosse attorney can advise you how to comply with federal and state employment laws, how to handle difficult employee situations and how to avoid often costly employment law situations altogether. For the best advice and experienced employment law representation, contact La Crosse lawyer Mike Ehrsam today.

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