Planning for the Future?

Contact Your La Crosse Estate Planning Attorney

Estate PlanningIf your goal is to ensure that you will adequately care for your family following your death, estate planning is a necessity. To minimize estate taxes and protect your assets for your family’s future use, you must engage in careful estate planning regarding all your assets and liabilities. Because estate planning can involve complex issues such as estate taxes, trusts, wills and other mechanisms for distributing your assets, consulting with an experienced La Crosse attorney for advice is essential. Your estate planning attorney Mike Moen has decades of experience in counseling clients about all aspects of estate planning. Contact your La Crosse attorney today for a consultation on all of your estate planning needs.

Minimizing Estate Costs

Estate planning’s main goal is to minimize the costs of estate administration, probate and estate taxes while successfully carrying out your wishes and protecting the value of your accrued assets for your family’s benefit. Your La Crosse attorney will present you with all available options for achieving this goal and help you decide which option best fits your estate planning requirements. Whether the solution is a revocable trust, a will or any other estate planning tool, you will receive the best advice from our experienced estate planning attorneys who have been in the business for over thirty years.

Changes to Your Estate Plan

As time goes on, your estate planning needs are likely to change as your life and your family change. An estate plan you may have executed as a single young adult can look much different from one you would execute as a married adult with two children. Similarly, significant asset changes, business acquisitions and life events such as births and deaths can all affect the feasibility and desirability of your current estate plan. Your La Crosse lawyer will continue to work with you throughout your life to refine and modify your estate plan as needed, while always protecting your interests.

When you are facing difficult and often emotional decisions about estate planning, you need the help of your La Crosse estate planning attorney to present you with the many available options. Estate planning is the one technique you can use to directly impact your family’s financial wellbeing following your death and to simplify your affairs for those family members you leave behind. Contact La Crosse attorney Mike Moen today for a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation and recommendations regarding the best estate planning approach for you.

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