The La Crosse Attorneys for All Your General Litigation Needs

CourthouseMany types of legal disputes do not fit neatly into one area of the law; as such, they fall into the general litigation category. For instance, not all lawsuits involve accidents and injuries, business law, employment law or real estate law. As a result, you do not want a lawyer who specializes only in a few narrow areas of the law. Rather, you need a La Crosse lawyer who can handle a wide variety of litigation issues in any area. La Crosse attorneys Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner have spent the last 30 years assisting clients in all aspects of general litigation. With this type of experience, their full-service law firm has likely handled a legal matter in the past that is similar to your situation. Your La Crosse lawyers will provide you with all the legal advice and guidance you need throughout the litigation process. Contact a La Crosse lawyer today to answer all your litigation questions.

General Litigation

Litigation is a broad term that encompasses any legal dispute in which a party seeks legal recourse from a court. While different court procedures and requirements vary, both parties to a dispute first exchange all relevant documents, evidence and information about the case. Only after the parties have had an opportunity to consider each other’s evidence, will the court schedule the matter for trial if a settlement cannot be reached. Before conducting a trial, most judges will require litigants to try and resolve the dispute through mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful the case proceeds to trial in front of a judge or jury, depending on the type of case and the wishes of the parties. During the trial, each party to the dispute presents his or her case, along with supporting documentary evidence and witnesses. Because of their extensive experience in litigation matters, your La Crosse attorneys stand ready to procure and assemble evidence in support of your case, prepare witnesses for trial and obtain expert witnesses as needed.

Contact Your La Crosse Lawyer Today

La Crosse attorneys Mike Ehrsam and Jim Kroner provide personalized, comprehensive litigation services to many different types of clients, from large businesses to individuals and sole proprietors. Your attorneys will work with you to resolve your legal dispute in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. First, your La Crosse attorney will evaluate your case and advise you of possible resolution through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation or arbitration. If these methods fail, your attorney is prepared to guide you throughout the litigation process, using discovery, technology and expert witnesses to most effectively build and ultimately present your case to the court. Do not delay in contacting your La Crosse lawyer; if you do, you risk missing important deadlines and opportunities to resolve your case favorably. Contact your La Crosse lawyer and put an experienced litigation law firm to work for you.

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