La Crosse Mediation and Arbitration Attorneys

MediationResolving a legal dispute through the court system can be costly, lengthy and inefficient. Although litigation may be the only solution to some disputes, alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration can be just as effective in solving legal problems. Using a La Crosse lawyer with experience in mediation or arbitration can lower your legal fees, settle your legal matter in a shorter amount of time than traditional litigation and allow you to have input in the resolution of your situation. Contact La Crosse attorneys Mike Ehrsam or Jim Kroner for assistance and have them evaluate how mediation or arbitration may affect your case.

Mediation and Your Case

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to resolve their disagreements by using a neutral third party mediator to reach a settlement acceptable to both parties. The mediation process permits parties to define their areas of agreement and disagreement more precisely with the goal of achieving common ground wherever possible. While a mediator cannot force the parties to reach agreement on any issue, many parties are able to resolve their differences quicker and less expensively through mediation. In any case, you will need the knowledgeable counsel of a La Crosse lawyer to advise you and guide you through the mediation process.

Arbitration and Your Case

Arbitration is another type of alternative dispute resolution that utilizes the services of a neutral third party to resolve a legal dispute. The main difference between arbitration and mediation is an arbitration agreement is binding, in that neither party can appeal or otherwise challenge the outcome of an arbitration decision in most circumstances. Unlike mediation, arbitration is usually a mandatory rather than a voluntary process. A contract can provide that all legal disputes related to the contract terms are subject to the arbitration process. Like mediation, however, the expertise of counsel is necessary to prepare you and represent you throughout the arbitration process.

Do not go through the alternative dispute resolution process without the advice and counsel of a La Crosse attorney with knowledge of arbitration and mediation matters. Contact Mike Ehrsam or Jim Kroner today for all your needs related to these alternative dispute resolution methods.

Mediators or Arbitrators

In addition to having experience representing clients in mediation or arbitration proceedings, Mike Ehrsam has experience acting in the role of mediator in workman’s compensation, employment matters and personal injury cases. Jim Kroner has experience as an arbitrator in contract disputes and as a mediator in real estate disputes.

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